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Dentures in Burnaby

A denture is a prosthetic device that is custom fit for each individual to replace missing teeth. At Marine Way Dental Centre in Burnaby South we tailor make and adjust both full and partial dentures to fit your unique mouth.

What is the Difference Between a Complete and Partial Denture?

Complete dentures are necessitated when all teeth of an individual's mouth are missing, or when remaining unhealthy teeth are removed to make room for a partial denture.

After the removal of these unhealthy teeth, there will sometimes be a healing period during which the patient will go without teeth until their complete denture has been fitted.

In some cases, however, an immediate denture may be available, preventing the patient from having to go for a period of time without teeth.

A partial denture, in contrast to a full denture, is used when some of an individual’s healthy teeth are still remaining in the mouth.

The partial denture is used to fill in the spaces that are caused by the missing teeth. A partial denture is very important when some teeth are remaining because they can help to prevent them from shifting.

Why Might Someone Require Dentures?

  • Loss of all teeth in the jaw
  • Loss of several teeth in the jaw
  • To optimize their oral health and smile
  • To ensure the health of facial tissues
  • To improve chewing, speech and overall digestion

What Can I Expect After Receiving My Dentures?

It may take a while to get used to your new complete or partial dentures. Initially, you can expect some soreness, difficulty speaking and difficulty chewing, but over time your mouth should get used to the new dentures and your speaking and chewing will likely return back to normal.

Once you have received your new dentures, your dentist will also provide you with proper care and cleaning instructions that you must follow to take care of and help the lifespan of your new appliance. Regularly visiting your dentist, following a routine oral care regimen and cleaning your dentures often are also important for the longevity of your new dentures.

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