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Sedation For Anxious Patients

At Marine Way Dental Centre in South Burnaby, sedation services are available for patients who experience nerves or anxiety when getting dental treatment. Your anxiety should not prevent you from getting the necessary and preventative treatment that you require and deserve.

What is Dental Sedation & What Does it Involve?

Dental sedation involves providing the nervous or anxious patient with a sedative before treatment that allows them to feel comfortable, relaxed, and maybe even sleepy.

There are a variety of different sedation options available but all help patients with their anxiousness, nervousness or pain when undergoing dental treatment. 

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Types of Sedation

Oral Sedation

In contrast with I.V. Sedation, oral sedation involves pills or liquid medication taken orally by the patient.

When then the patient takes this medication, similar to I.V. Sedation, they will enter a state of relaxation and calm that will help an anxious patient receive the dental treatment that would generally cause anxiety or pain.

Inhalation Sedation

This service is temporarily unavailable at this location. Please contact us with any questions.

An inhalation sedation is a type of medication, such as nitrous oxide, that is inhaled through a mask by the patient.

Often inhalation sedation is used in conjunction with the injection of a local anesthetic.

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