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At Marine Way Dental Centre Burnaby South, we believe technology is the future of dentistry. We leverage technology, not only to increase the standards of our dental procedures but to help us be as environmentally friendly as possible.

Digital X-Rays

At Marine Way Dental Centre in Burnaby South, we utilize digital X-Ray technology. This means fewer chemicals and packing ending up in landfills, and a healthier environment for our children to enjoy.

Digital X-Rays also include the additional benefit of exposing less radiation to our patients than traditional X-rays do.


Marine Way Dental Centre is in possession of a Biolase soft tissue laser. This high-tech device is used to trim and cut gum tissue with little to no bleeding and very little discomfort.

The laser is much more efficient and much less painful than the traditional way of cutting gums with a scalpel.

If you are interested in learning more about Marine Way Dental Centre's Biolase soft tissue laser, schedule a consultation!

Panoramic X-rays

A panoramic X-ray is a dental X-ray that involves a panoramic scanning of both the upper and lower jaw.

This type of X-ray shows a two-dimensional view of the entire jaw from ear to ear.

Panoramic X-rays allow the dentist to see the entire mouth, making it easy to identify dental issues that are not visible, under the gum line.


VELscopes are used by dentists for non-invasive oral cancer-screening.

VELscope oral screenings are an addition to the regular oral examination that is completed by dentists as part of regular check-up and prevention appointments.

The device aids dentists in identifying abnormalities in the oral cavity that are not visible to the naked eye.

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