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Dental Fillings in Burnaby

A filling is a type of material used by your dentist to fill a cavity, or hole, in a tooth. When you require a filling, your dentist will use a material that is similar in colour to your natural teeth to fill the cavity and prevent further tooth decay.

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Composite Filling in Burnaby

Composite fillings are the most commonly recommended type of filling - they are utilized to fix a decayed, cracked or broken tooth. 

Dental Fillings in Burnaby: How do they work?

If your dentist determines that you require a filling, he or she will schedule an appointment at which they will remove the decayed portion of your tooth.

After the decayed portion of your tooth has been removed, the cavity is then filled with a dental filling material and moulded to fit the shape of your tooth. The composite fillings will often be the closest colour match to the natural teeth of the patient.

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